Loose lay flooring

At Novare Floors, we have several different product ranges suitable for the rigorous demands of the commercial sector.

As well as our innovative Bergo and Robusto Tile ranges we have a premium range of screeds and adhesives for the application of resilient floor coverings and our world leading range of Dr. Schutz after care products.


Our range of Bergo Tile products are suitable for the strenuous demands of commercial use in applications such as outdoor cafés, industrial/workshop environments, Trade Fairs & Shows, Public Pools and surrounding areas such as change rooms and showers, retail stores, corporate offices, events, building sites and more.

Car Retail Retail Corporate Offices Aquatics Events Building Sites Trade Shows Workshops Sports Marine Outdoor walkways Recreational & Gyms*
Briq Tile
Easy Tile
ECO Multisport Tile
ECO Royal Tile
ECO Tennis Tile
ECO Unique Tile
Elite Tile
Excellence Tile
Excellence Extreme Tile
Multisport Tile
Nova Tile
Royal Tile
Soft Tile
Solid Basic Tile
Solid Superior Tile
Supreme Tile
Tennis Tile
Unique Tile
XL Tile

*not for under free fall weights



Our Robusto Tile range is another innovative flooring concept providing cutting edge solutions for more extreme exigencies.

True to its name, the robust design concept and construction of the Robusto Tiles makes it perfect for numerous applications in more demanding environments, and due to its easy interlocking and loose lay features, coupled with the varying tile finishes available, provides simple and fast solutions to a variety of new or renovation projects.



Faithful to its motto ‘We care about floors’ the Dr. Schutz range of products provides world leading floor maintenance solutions.The floor care range includes powerful and effective cleaning and stripping agents, durable sealers including anti-slip qualities and compatible maintenance cleaners.With Dr. Schutz, every need of modern floor care is optimally fulfilled.

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