Invisible Tiles - Snake Skin

Robusto Invisible Tiles – Snake Skin are a snug fitting tile with visually seamless joins for areas where a more decorative finish is required.

The invisible tile offers all the same properties of the regular tile but has a neater, more traditional tiled floor finish.




Colour Swatches

Colour Swatches

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

Grey - Indent

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

Graphite - Indent

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

Black - Indent

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

ECO Grey - Indent

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

ECO Black - Indent

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

Blue - Indent

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

Green - Indent

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

Yellow - Indent

Novare Floors - Robusto Tiles - Leather

Rosso Red - Indent

  • Show Rooms
  • Designer Salons
  • Short-term exhibitions
  • Warehouses
  • Traffic corridors
  • Home Garages
  • Home Interiors
  • Snakeskin finish gives good slip resistance
  • Ramped edges for a smooth transition
  • Loose lay option allows for simple installation with only a rubber mallet and knife required
  • Reduces vibrations and impact noise
  • Thermal insulation
  • Unique pattern on the back allows for tiles to drain.  This also allows for sub-straight moisture to disperse
  • Can be disassembled and moved to a new location
  • Easy replacement of an individual tile, should one become damaged
  • ECO versions available in some colours – helping to reduce land fill

Novare Robusto Tiles require minimal maintenance. To maximise wear resistance, Robusto Tiles are protected with an exclusive protective paint treatment that boosts resistance to abrasion and dirt, facilitating cleaning and preserving the beauty of your Robusto Tile floor over time.

Download Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

Edge/Ramp: 468 mm x 145 mm

Corner: 145 mm x 145 mm

Novare Robusto Tile can be installed over concrete, timber or ceramic surfaces. Due to interlocking design, tiles clip together without the need of glue or other fixtures. A rubber mallet is used to connect interlocking joins and a knife or jigsaw is used to cut tiles in around edges and fixtures.

Simple installation procedure:


  1. Before laying, let tiles acclimatise for 24 hours in the room where they are to be laid.  Ensure floor is level and swept clean
  2. Using chalk, draw horizontal and lengthwise lines in the room.  It is essential that tiles are kept in mutually orthogonal position
  3. Lay tiles and tap to connect together using a rubber mallet.  Start installation from the walkway/driveway and continue further into the room
  4. Cut tiles to fit around edges of room and fixtures using a jigsaw
  5. Ensure a 5 mm gap is left around walls and fixtures


















Download Detailed Installation Guide

Materials: 100% virgin PVC

Tile Size: 468mm x 468mm

Tile Thickness: 6.7 mm 

Tile Weight: 1.7 kg each       

Finish: Snakeskin

Resistance to Chemicals:  Good        

Download Technical Data Sheets


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