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BERGO EASY TILE has uniquely designed connection rings/eyelets to make removal of flooring in temporary and portable environments as easy as its name!  A more compact patterned tile design resulting in smaller gaps makes this a perfect solution for public venues – dirt is effectively concealed between cleanings, maintaining a pristine look for longer.

Colour Swatches

Colour Swatches

DarkBlue - Indent

GraphiteGrey - Indent

LightBlue - Indent

MetalGrey - Indent

OrangeGlow - Indent

Red - Indent

SilkBlack - Indent

SilverGrey - Indent

TrueWhite - Indent

  • Temporary/Portable venues
  • Trade shows/fairs
  • Dance floors
  • Corporate Events
  • Racing stables
  • Concerts
  • Quick and easy to install - no nails, screws or glue required
  • Easily moved for transportable applications
  • Withstands heavy loads
  • UV Stable and withstands all climates and environments
  • Temperate underfoot – reduces heat intensity in direct sunlight
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Rejuvenation of worn areas
  • Robust and Durable
  • Sound absorbing characteristics*
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Extensive colour range
  • Excellent drainage and ventilation capabilities
  • Ergonomic – Easy on your back and joints
  • Made from environmentally friendly recyclable PP-composite (polypropylene)
  • No emissions (PVC free)

*where sound absorbing underlay is used

With regular care of your Bergo floor according to the recommendations, you will extend the lifetime, colour and lustre.

Bergo’s multifunctional floor tiles are made from the best materials available in the market. They offer the highest possible colour stability and UV protection. Taking care of the tiles regularly extends the lifetime and lustre of your floor.

Cleaning – Indoors - Bergo flooring installed in an indoor environment should be cleaned as often as visually required with traditional cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner and wet mop using a *cleaning agent. Where the floor has not been cleaned for some time, the substrate can be uncovered, cleaned with suitable cleaning agent and equipment and then tiles replaced in original positions. To easily uncover the substrate, use the Disassembly Tool to split flooring into smaller sheets for easy lifting and quicker re-laying.

Cleaning – Outdoors - Dirt particles spread by wind and weather will end up on your Bergo floor as well. To keep your floor clean, we recommend regular mopping with a *cleaning agent and rinsing with a hose. A high-pressure washer is preferable if you have access to one. If the flooring is extremely dirty or it has been a long time since it was cleaned, we recommend using a stronger detergent combined with a rotating brush, scrubbing machine and rinsed off with a hose. 

* Cleaning agent - Most cleaning agents can be used to remove dirt. Some are especially suited for composites, and these are recommended. In extremely dry environments such as indoors, the detergent should contain an antistatic agent which minimizes the risk of static electricity. Bergo’s products can withstand most chemicals. For more information, see the ”Chemical Resistance Table” for PP. Consult your dealer about the recommended media for best results on PP plastic

Edge Strip: 300 mm x 55 mm

Corner Piece: 55 mm x 55 mm

Connecting-rings, Edge Strip

Expansion Edge Piece: 75 mm x 52mm

Expansion strip: 300 mm x 75 mm

Cable Strip: 346 mm x 97 mm

Expansion cross-piece: 75 mm x 75 mm

Edge Protection:

BERGO EASY TILE requires an even subfloor. Very easy to install without any tools.

Step on to interlock tiles together. Expansion strips might be needed.

Expansion strip should be installed every 8th tile when the length or width of the surface exceeds 4.8 m. Use the Expansion cross-piece where the Expansion strips intersect.

Very quick and easy to install

Fix tiles with the connection taps over the protruding rings. Remember to always turn protruding rings in the same direction. Step on to interlock tiles.

Easy to disassemble and move – small areas

For small events/areas, just separate tiles by lifting/bending tiles upwards.

Easy to disassemble and move – large areas

For big events/areas, we recommend using the Disassembly Tool to easily separate tiles into sheets.

Easy to disassemble and move – large areas cont.…

For big events/areas, we recommend using the Disassembly Tool to easily separate tiles into sheets.

a: Edge strip 300 x 55 mm

b: Corner strip 55 x 55 mm

Distance to wall

A jigsaw or circular saw is used to cut the tiles around edges and fixtures.

Before installing your flooring, allow tiles to remain a few hours in the room where the floor is to be laid, to produce equal temperatures.

To ensure best functioning, always install a Bergo floor on a clean, hard and even surface. Allow between 5mm and 10mm from walls, doorsteps etc. if the flooring is likely to be exposed to varying temperatures.

Download Installation Guide


  • 100% environmentally friendly recyclable PE-composite
  • UV/Colour Stabilised
  • No emissions – PVC free 

Tile Size:  302.1 mm x 302.1 mm

Tile Thickness: 14 mm

Weight Loading: 800 ton/m2 


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