Dr. Schutz Turbo Strip

Dr. Schutz Turbo Strip is an effective and fast working formula which powerfully and thoroughly removes the care film of gloss emulsions from hard sealers, even tackling the stubborn remains of old care products including multiple layered applications and heavily careworn covering surfaces.

Turbo Strip works into the surface quickly and has an odour minimising formula making it user-friendly.

For application on vinyl, linoleum and rubber floors, but not suitable for floors sensitive to solvents.  Always check on an unobtrusive area before applying, to ensure the colour and material are resistant.

Colour Swatches

For use on a wide variety of floor types including:

  • CV (Viscose)
  • Polyolefin
  • Linoleum
  • Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)
  • PVC
  • Rubber  
  • Vinyl

Not suitable for floors sensitive to solvents (e.g. Asphalt tiles)

Not suitable for floors which have been coated with professional sealants (e.g. PU Sealer)

Please observe care instructions relating to your specific floor covering.

Always check on an unobtrusive area before applying, to ensure the colour and material are resistant.


Dr. Schutz Product Matrix

  • Powerful and fast working formula
  • Works into surface quickly
  • Odour minimising formula
  • Thoroughly sweep or vacuum the area removing any coarse dirt
  • Dilute Turbo Strip with water in a ratio of between 1:1 and 1:5 (depending on resistance of care-film)
  • Spread diluted cleaner over the floor covering and allow to soak in for about 5 – 15 minutes
  • Work stripping agent into the floor using a scrubbing brush/Padmaster/Monodisc machine SRP (using the appropriate pad or scrubbing attachment) 
  • Remove soiled liquid with wet-suction (e.g. spray suction with hard floor adapter, Premium F1/F2) or rubber squeegee and absorbent wide-mop.
  • Carefully wash the floor with clean water until surface has been completely neutralised.

NOTE:  Turbo Strip should not be allowed to dry on the floor, therefore work in manageable sections at a time.  Before applying, check your floor covering for colour and material consistency on an area that will not be noticed.  Avoid getting stripping formula on sensitive surfaces (e.g. wood, metal, furnishings, lacquered and sealed surfaces) 


Dr. Schutz Instructions for Preparation of Resilient Floors

Dr. Schutz Instructions for Preparation of Subsurfaces

  • Unmixed product should be stored in cool, dry conditions
  • Keep out of reach of children


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