Dr. Schutz PU Anti-Slip Additive P5

Dr. Schutz PU AntiSlip Additive P5  is a ceramic based texturizing powder for Dr. Schutz 2-part lacquers.

When added to Dr. Schutz 2-part lacquers, the AntiSlip Additive P5 substantially increases the slip resistance of floor coverings to which it is applied.

For professional use only

Colour Swatches

Dr. Schutz AntiSlip P5 can be used in any working areas which are coated with Dr. Schutz PU Sealer or Dr. Schutz PU AntiColour  where higher levels of slip-resistance are required.  

Limited recommendation for structured flooring

This product is especially recommended for matt lacquers.  For floors with glossier finishes, variations in the uniformity of the application tend to be more clearly visible. However, in principle it is possible to apply this product to gloss floors.

  • Increases slip resistance levels
  • Easy to use
  • Can only be used with Dr. Schutz PU Sealer or Dr. Schutz PU AntiColour
  • Floor must be professionally prepared before applying Lacquer – see download below
  • Carefully add AntiSlip Additive to the lacquer in a mix ratio of 12.5:1 (440g to 5 L base lacquer)
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Carefully sitr in Crosslinker 
  • Apply the sealing mixture to floor covering with a Dr. Schutz Aquatop Roller, covering the floor with approx. 50ml/m2
  • During application, pay constant attention to the even distribution of the AntiSlip Additive in the lacquer tray
  • After drying, but not longer than 12 hours later, apply a second coat of sealer without AntiSlip Additive using approx. 50ml/m2




Specified under their relevant sealer information sections.


Dr. Schutz Instructions for Preparation of Resilient Floors

Dr. Schutz Instructions for Preparation of Subsurfaces

Slip-resistance class R11 (P5) according to BGR 181 and DIN 51130 when used in a two-coat application with Dr. Schutz PU Sealer or Dr. Schutz PU AntiColour 
with AntiSlip Additive, tested according to Australian Pendulum Test Method, fulfils the requirements of the guidelines for slip-accidents under dry conditions and when moistened by water.

Contained substances: ceramic powder.
voc (g/l) 0
ADR/RID: not a dangerous good as defined by transport regulations.
CLP: labelling not necessary.
Emptied canisters can be disposed of in household waste, or taken to a recycling centre.


Download Dr. Schutz PU AntiSlip Additive P5 Safety Data

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • If unopened in its original container, can be stored indefinitely
  • Keep out of reach of children

Cleaning & Care:

  • Once floor has completely hardened, use Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner for maintenance cleaning.  
  • Owing to anti-slip surface structure, floor will take additional care time.
  • In the case of heavy traffic and intensive cleaning, slip resistance may be impaired.  Such signs of wear and tear as well as scratches or discolouration can only be eliminated by renovating the whole or parts of the sealing film (new application)
  • We always recommend that renovation is carried out in taped-off part-sections of the floor
  • We do not recommend applying a conventional care-product with a film formed of acrylic-dispersion if the slip resistant effect is to be maintained.




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