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Dr. Schutz Clean & Strip

Dr. Schutz Clean & Strip 1 Product Description Special cleaning agent for cleaning and stripping newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, linoleum and rubber floors. Removes the remains of old car

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Dr. Schutz DuroPlus L

Dr Schutz DuroPlus L is a liquid additive providing enhanced resistance and slip and scratching and for additional matting effect where required.  Can be added to Dr Schutz PU Sealer / Dr Schutz PU Se

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Dr. Schutz Elatex Stain Remover

Dr. Schutz Elatex Stain Remover  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A universal agent for the removal of rubber marks, heel marks, adhesive residue and stubborn stains. 2 AREAS OF APPLICATION Resilient floors (vinyl

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Dr. Schutz Lino Primer

Dr. Schutz Lino Primer  Lino Primer PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Two-component roll-on primer for open-pored linoleum. Only for professional users. Reduces porousness and prepares the subsurface for subsequent

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Dr. Schutz Primer

Dr Schutz Primer is a water-based roll-out primer for approved absorbent, cement-based screeds before sealing with Dr Schutz AntiColour  Dr Schutz Primer reduces absorbency, reduces bubbles and improv

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Dr. Schutz PU AntiColour

Dr. Schutz PU AntiColour (Semi-gloss) is a water-based, two-part polymer sealer with especially high cross-linking density giving increased resistance to colour dyes, plasticizers and chemicals. Optim

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Dr. Schutz PU AntiSlip Additive P3

Dr. Schutz PU AntiSlip Additive P3 is a liquid compound additive for Dr. Schutz 2-part lacquers. When added to the top coat of Dr. Schutz 2-part lacquers, the AntiSlip Additive P3 substantially increa

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Dr. Schutz PU AntiSlip Additive P5

Dr. Schutz PU AntiSlip Additive P5  is a ceramic based texturizing powder for Dr. Schutz 2-part lacquers. When added to Dr. Schutz 2-part lacquers, the AntiSlip Additive P5 substantially increases the

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Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner

Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner for use on new floors after installation and for routine cleaning of factory-cured floor coverings with a polyurethane finish. We recommend Dr. Schutz P

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Dr. Schutz PU Sealer Satin

Dr. Schutz PU Sealer is an extremely hard-wearing, two-part polyurethane-based super sealer for all resilient and resin floors delivering superior finish, long term protection and excellent elasticity

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Dr. Schutz Quick Fix Anti-Slip

Dr Schutz Quick Fix Anti-Slip treatment is a water-based lacquer providing structure that increases the slip resistants’ of existing flooring. Test results on the Quick Fix Anti-Slip increase the slip

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Dr. Schutz Super Bond Primer

Dr. Schutz Super Bond Primer  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Bonding primer for non-porous siliceous substrates, such as ceramic tiles, polished stone surfaces (e.g. granite), as well as glass and metal surfaces

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Dr. Schutz Turbo Strip

Dr. Schutz Turbo Strip is an effective and fast working formula which powerfully and thoroughly removes the care film of gloss emulsions from hard sealers, even tackling the stubborn remains of old ca

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Novare Floors products have been used in many projects to provide surfaces that conform to the slip-standard set out by legislation, that can vary depending on the requirement, the ratings that can be achieved are between P2, P3, P4 and P5 Pendulum slip ratings.

Regular floor maintenance to remove soiling is highly recommended. Soiling not only looks bad but also results in the scratching of your flooring surfaces. Using chlorinated cleaners leaves a residue that reduces the slip ratings on your floor and these should not be used.

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