About Us

The Novare Floors Story

Novare Floors is a 100% Australian family owned and operated business, ensuring reliability, service, passion and a relentless dedication in our committal to bringing unique, innovative, and quality solutions to our valued clients.

Our exceptional range of floor rejuvenation products is backed by years of research and development, boasting success stories in every sector.

Each of our ranges holds its own unique story of how it came to be, how we saw a need and moved to find a product that would fill it.  Whether it be the scarcity of flooring that can be used outdoors in our harsh Australian climate, or ones that performs well under high demand, it could even be the wherewithal to make good what you already have.

At Novare, we have searched for solutions and found them, because we are committed to delivering what our customers deserve, Innovation Underfoot!

Mission Statement

At Novare Floors we are committed to bringing innovation and quality to our valued customers by sourcing cutting edge products. We try harder to exceed our customer’s expectations every time, providing solutions to their needs and ensuring they receive a premium experience.

Vision Statement

To become a leading flooring supplier by living our core values, providing top quality and value, while striving for continuous improvement.

Core Values:

The Novare Floors Experience:

Exceeding our customer expectations every time is at the heart of our purpose.

Innovative Development:

Evolution and change; we can never be good enough – continue to improve.

Team Spirit:

Integrity, devotion and humility; a fast-paced community.

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